Our Team

Emett Lonergan


Sales manager: Territory USA
Tony Waldie


Jean Pratt


Sales manager: Territory Canada

Our Business

At Frank Ralphs, our mission is to provide you with the highest quality custom-made panel products, whether for transportation or industrial application. It is our way of creating high-level value for our customers, employees, shareholders and the community. We accomplish this, while keeping in mind our core values of integrity, respect and accountability.

Our Values

We firmly believe in the importance of integrity both in our professional relationships and in relation to our ecological responsibility. It’s this value that has us stand out in our industry.
Our safe and environmentally responsible way in which we operate shows how we care about people and the world in which we live. We sincerely value the differences in people and the contributions of all individuals, and therefore we build relationships based on mutual trust.
As a pioneer in our industry, one of our main priorities and core values is accountability. It’s our duty to be reliable and consistent with our customers, and this is the reason why we proudly stand behind Frank Ralphs’ products, services and reputation. We take responsibility for all our actions while always seeking to improve our business by setting clear goals and measuring the results.
Our team of qualified and devoted specialists are here to support your ideas and share your vision when building your products. Collaboration and talent are at the center of our approach, as we work together to achieve superior results. Our creative and spirited team shares ideas and talents to develop personalized solutions that truly fit your needs.
We lead the way in the industry with our innovative perspective and our attention to detail. We believe in the importance of constantly evolving, as we must always adapt to the new demands of our industry and the environment we share. Let us show you why we are the leader in high-quality custom-made panel products to suit your needs.