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Lightweight composite airducts


At Frank Ralphs, we developed an industry-leading lightweight composite Air Duct. Their lightweight comes from their composite foam board core, while still maintaining structural integrity within a ceiling system. We are currently supplying the Rail Car industry but this product can be adapted for other transportation and industrial applications. We’ll find the solution for your needs, so send us your project or ideas!


We currently craft a variety of Plymetal and Aluminium Honeycomb panels for the flight simulator industry. However, they can be used for any type of simulator such as needed in Marine, Rail and Entertainment Industries!


Composite Panels

Frank Ralphs is able to produce composite panels incorporating a wide range of core and face materials. Our panels are custom-made to provide weight savings, durability and safety, by exceeding flame, smoke, and toxicity standards, all the while satisfying exacting tolerances for thickness, flatness, as well as requirements for panels that are 'oversize.'

  • Aluminum Honeycomb Cored Panels - faced with plain or decorative faces, incorporating solid or extruded inserts for framing, blocking and tapping
  • Wood cored Panels - with decorative or non-decorative aluminum, textured metals or stainless steel faces
  • Non-metal cored Panels - using plastic, polypropylene, foam or paper cores
  • Custom Sizes in all of the above up to 12' x 20'


Frank Ralphs will not only supply your panels, its design support team will work with you to create the custom assemblies you need. Our expertise includes:

  • Railcar and Bus Plymetal flooring, including pan-in-pan with soldered seams.
  • Railar and Bus Walls, Partitions and Ceilings
  • Transportation vehicle Cabinets & Electrical Lockers
  • Transportation vehicle Beverage Stations
  • Railcar Interior Doors
  • Railcar Dining Tables
  • Welded Frames
  • Intricate and Precise CNC Cuts
  • Standard and Odd-Shaped Extrusions
  • Internal or External Tapping Plates
  • Threaded Inserts, Helicoils, Floating Inserts, T-Nuts
  • Handles & Locks
  • Glass & Polycarbonate
  • Powder-Coated, Painted or Anodized Trim
  • Miscellaneous Hardware & Brackets


Frank Ralphs takes pride in its curved & molded panel technology. We can offer a variety of solutions for curved panel requirements.

  • Curved Walls – pocket & wainscot panels for Railcars and back panels for Buses
  • Curved Ceilings – coved ceilings for Railcars and Buses
  • Curved Walls and Bar Counters - for Railcar dining cars
  • Curved Doors – for food or product displays
  • Curved Columns – for architectural applications